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In this document, we will be discussing the benefits of the Genius Call Centre and the  Genius itself. Genius is actually a digital banking application that will help to carry out various financial activities such as saving and transposition to manage money.

In the all-digital age, everything becomes  easier  , even if it has to be done in one place, whether it’s a smartphone or smartphone already based on iOS or Android, and Genius is an application launched by bank BTPN in 2016 and is growing to date.

The application can also be linked to national banking ecosystems and international payment systems through visa debit cards, national payment gateways or GPN. For many, having this genius helps a lot because it’s an application that considers it smart to manage finance.

Many are looking  for information  related to the Genius Call Center only related to its features. Indeed, this one application can simplify banking activities, send money, pay bills, save deposits only with a smartphone, so it’s very practical.

What are the benefits of using Genius?

The application makes banking activities  really  easier for a person  as only  a smartphone can make all transactions  possible. It  can’t keep up with the technological advances that are making more modern advances every day, so you don’t have to come to the bank personally and queue up.

Using  just one account  – there are already  plenty of conveniences  to  get different transactions.  Start depositing money,  withdraw money without visiting a bank or ATM machine.  So  it’s  very practical in the most desirable situations to be within the home, such as the current  pandemic.

JNIUSitself has a variety of cards, namely M cards, E cards and X cards.  An e-card is as virtual as a credit card, and if the M-card type is almost identical to active balance or main account balance and X-card  , they can be used for transactions and cash withdrawals but has a daily shopping limit.

The savings from Genius also vary, such as flexi saver, dream saver and maxi saver, to choose or adjust your needs. For more information, please  contact  The Genius Call Centre, which also offers many benefits, including:

  1. Different banks
  2. Grenfell Tower fire: Police arrest suspect
  3. Easy  Account
  4. Administration   Fee
  5. Visa network

Most Common Question synagogisabout Genes through CS services

During such a pandemic, it is recommended that all types of transactions in the home be made online. So genius can be used as a solution when you want to transact or open a new account, but similarly there are still many people who don’t know about this process.

There are a few people who are in touch with the Genius Call Center service  for detailed information, and there are some common questions, such as how to top the balance, how to look at account numbers and what different types of savings are: Flexi Saver, Dream Saver and Maxi Saver.

Raising the balance is really easy, bank BTPN code, which is 213 then geneas account number and mobile number registered with geneas can be transferred from another bank by entering bank BTPN code.You can view your mobile number and account number through the Geneus app on the profile menu.

Many are interested in whether you can get a passbook, the Genius application does not provide the exact passbook, you  can access it every month through an e-statement or current account, or you can  also use the  Genius Call Center service every month through the profile and settings in the application.

You can download the application through the Play Store or App Store. As regards different types of savings, flexi saver can be used as an emergency fund or as a deposit, providing flexibility to withdraw or deposit .

According to Dream Saver, savings can be used for a specific target to be achieved in the future. The last is the Maxi server. Of these three types of savings, you can choose which savings are best suited to your needs.

 “It’s very much.

Using this banking application means that all debit card activities can be controlled from the Card Center menu. In fact, you can also change the daily withdrawal limit or transaction spending limit for each Genius debit card because there is a feature called change limit so that your finances can be more controlled.

You can  change, block, unblock, and  write transaction history unless  you contact the Genius Call Center.  So you can see the transaction via a digital card or debit card, even if you don’t have a physical passbook later.

The digital card is also linked to the national ATM network and visa network around the world.  So you  don’t need to upgrade anything  else to  deal with  at home  or abroad.   There  is no doubt that many people are interested in opening this debit account.

After opening an account, the debit card will be sent to the address registered by the bank.   If you are in Jabobedatabeck, you will be able to obtain a debit card for 2 days  during  official hours and  then  within 7 days  of  applying  for the  card  .

If you still do not have a  debit card beyond the normal time limit specified, you should contact the Genius Customer Service or Call Centre immediately  for further information  .

How can I  access the Access To Information Help Centre?

If problems arise, you can call the call center or BTPN Care at 1500 300 or call +62 21 2450 5500 via international call. Through the Genius hotline or call center  service, two ways can be discussed for immediate treatment of problems encountered.

If you are not allowed to call the number described above, you  can send an email to the Customer Service at the BTPNcare@btpn.com address, such as call info@btpn.com for general information about the Genius debit card.

When you pin a Genius debit card, you should only use a different PIN number for a proposal, ATMs and applications.  This is just a precautionary measure  and  there are very few obstacles required to  contact  the Genius Call Centre.

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