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Information about axis call center services and their branch office addresses

As one of the leading providers of telecommunications services, the AXIS call center is a much-needed service. Telecommunications services are indeed very important in communication, especially when they are distant. Communication via short messages or voice calls is quite useful for many people who are far from other places.

Previously, AXIS a few years ago was a service provider with a wide market. Then came XL to acquire the company, hoping to attract more customers. But, unfortunately, this hope cannot be achieved immediately, given that AXIS is only the second xl product.

However, over time, AXIS users continue to increase daily. The number of users of this provider has increased significantly and even accounts for more than half of the XL market. This is inseparable from the growing number of BTS towers. The tower maintains 4G connectivity for each customernyes.

Not only by improving technology, but also by improving service to customers. This service is a form of call center that can be used by every client if they have complaints. The telecommunications network cannot be distinguished from technical problems, so it is very natural that the AXIS call center becomes an important service.

Information on axis’s general policy

There are a number of general policies for telecommunications belonging to this service provider. Of course, this is to make it easier for every customer and potential customer when they want to use their products. Information on this common policy will also be quite useful in order to use the services of the AXIS call centre if  necessary  .

In this general policy information, the company has provided information that a fee will be charged at each customer service call. Of course, the cost burden is adapted to the rules set by the government. However, the company has the right to change the policy, providing information to customers in advance.

As a telecommunications network, all forms of service can be enjoyed for a full 24 hours in 7 days. This means that at any time, customers can use a mobile network to share news with family and friends. This facilitates communication, even if it is laid out.

However, due to technical problems caused by natural factors, it is not uncommon for a cellular network to be hampered. As a result, for example, telecommunications services cannot function as usual, or there are problems with networks in certain regions. For this reason, customers can also contact the AXIS Call Center.

Therefore, the telecommunications company also believes that it is necessary to immediately solve the problem. In addition, customers are an important element in which to maintain trust. Even at a certain level of the case, the company will compensate if someone is injured. Especially when the network cannot support its activities.

Information on AXIS’s prepaid terms

AXIS not only provides information about the general policy of the company, but also provides prepaid provisions for each client. These conditions may not be directly related to network problems. However, to some extent, this worries customers. For example, when you visit a website but redirect to another country’s website.

When customers experience this, they can use axis call center services  to notify mobile operators. Such redirection of links is not approved by the provider and this is the full right of the client. Therefore, customers need to pay attention to every detail of the information so that there are no bad things.

Another problem that is quite annoying is to lose the prepaid card somewhere. This can happen if your phone is lost or drowned. This makes the prepaid card unusable as usual. An alternative that can be used if you do not want to change the cards is to contact customer service.

Inform that you have clearly lost the card, then ask to create a new card. Later, by calling the AXIS call center or visiting the official store, you will be given a card replacement. As a general rule, the required cost burden was adjusted to take account of the company’s administrative cost provisions.

It should also be noted that when customers want to activate the service of the initial package, it is necessary to fill in the data. Fill in the personal data correctly and completely for the convenience of enjoying each service. In addition, also pay attention to the grace period of the prepaid card if you want to continue to use it in communication.

AXIS Call Center Contact Information

It is very important to know the information about the contact of the call center. This is to make it easier when unwanted things happen at any time. For example, at night there are technical problems with Internet services. Then you can contact the operator directly, but with a certain amount of fees.

There are two contacts that can be contacted, the first is designed specifically for AXIS users, and the second is for non-users. For customers who use AXIS, they can press dialing code 838 in the call menu. As for non-users, they can press the dial code 0838 8000 838.

Enjoy the  services of the AXIS call center when you are experiencing problems. Do not make contact whenever for your own pleasure. You can get a variety of information related to these services, from the Internet network to attractive advertisements. As a rule, there are some hidden advertisements that are quite profitable for users of the Internet network.

If you do not want to call because you are afraid of a sufficiently large cost burden, you can use the services of e-mail. Just send some complaints or issues to the email address provided. Typically, after a while, the email you send will immediately receive a response along with the solution.

AXIS branch address information

As a service provider with tens of millions of customers, AXIS certainly responds to this by establishing a large number of branches. The goal is for every customer to be able to get the best service when they are not satisfied with the phone call. So you can ask the official directly at any time, without fear that you will be hit by the burden of costs.

However, it should be noted that not every city in Indonesia has an AXIS branch of kanto. Only in a few large cities, such as Jakarta, there are branch offices. This is because Jakarta is the center of all service provider operations. So do not be surprised if there are more branches around Jakarta.

You can also contact the AXIS call center and ask where the nearest socket or branch is located. This is usually done when the problem cannot be solved only by voice call. To find the best solution to the problem you are facing, you need to meet face to face.

For example, like a broken prepaid card and you don’t want to have a new number. Calls through the call center certainly cannot optimally solve the problem. It is necessary to meet directly with the officer in order to solve the problem of the damaged card. As a rule, you are also asked to bring certain documents.

Call center services bring many benefits to each client. Especially if at some point there are technical problems, such as a poor network and so on. Of course, the best step is not only to wait, but also to find detailed information. One way is to call the AXIS Call Center and get a solution.

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