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What is the population density of West Java?

According to official data, West Java’s population is still the largest in Indonesia. According to 2020, the population has increased dramatically, from 43.05 million inhabitants to 49.94 million inhabitants.

West Javais one of the provinces that existed during the Dutch colonial era, which has been established with the central government since the 1950s. It was founded and became a city full of extraordinary events— one of them a sea of fire that was inspiring throughout the archipelago and even around the world at that time.

There is a very beautiful area of Muir, which is up to 35,000 kilometers, which is clearly capable of accommodating many. Therefore, the growth of society will be balanced with the equal distribution of social welfare; creating many new policies that benefit people is the right answer.

Therefore, what is the total population density in West Java, and it will not be over as if it were at the center of the government? It is one of the largest densely populated regions, and this is happening because the population is increasing in the narrow region.

Distribution of community density in West Java

There are approximately 36 million square kilometers of data in West Java, with a population of up to 46 million. It spread across 635 districts and 5899 districts, with the largest number of people in Boga and Bangor.


How much is Distributed to West Java in Bogotá, with an estimated 4.9 million inhabitants, meanwhile, benjamin has a population of 192,9 Only 0.25 percent live, so what about other cities? i, depok  , and other terms such as Sukabumi, band NG, and other terms.  such as Sukababumi, band engines,


The average population for the density of society is approximately one million, with only Sukabumi and Sima Mahi hundreds of thousands. The distribution of distribution cannot be distributed unanimously; unusually, there are more men in almost the entire area of Jeb, and in Indonesia until recently there has been an anomaly.

Generally , the number of males and females is higher in females, and we look at the regions of Central and Eastern Java. Even in Indonesia, there are more women than men, so what are the factors that can contribute to it?


So far, nobody knows, and why can there be more men about the density of the population  of West Java? Everything happens in one, so you can see why so many incidents of same-sex parties in this region are actually affected by this one inequality.


For those who do not know, Bogga is a center for LGBT people: LGBT disease;  hotels and rented houses It is a disease that must be eradicated so as not to spread more widely for Indonesians.


People’s employment in West Java

What is the density of the population of  West Java? Many young people have already found a job and they don’t do it, and work isan important thing to do, especially in the cities of West Java, and many lands are a factor.

For the average percentage of the entire population by late 2020, approximately 11 percent of the total population.  It is combined with an epidemic period over time, and do not let many large factories do business or costs in an orderly fashion.

One of them is by laying off many potential employees, so there are a lot of unemployed people everywhere. Cianjur 11%, Bandung 8.5%, Garut 8.9%, Tasikmalaya 7%, Ciamis 5.6%, Kuningan 11%, Majalengka 5%, Sumedang 8.8.8%, Indrayu 9.2%.

It’s going to be 10% in total. So it’s a huge spread. With the age of the newly graduated workforce. If there is still a period of infectious diseases , it may be possible to keep growing, and the large number of businesses that streamlined his work has become a major factor.

Not surprisingly, many stranglers have left the area because of the sheer volume of unemployment, which has become the centerpiece for many immigrants from West Java. The city, dubbed the most comfortable city, is surely the cost of living and the cheapest place to live, and it does not feel in the home where you live.

So what is the population density of West Java ? Wait for another population census. According to the facts, many residents have moved to make their territories more comfortable.

Welfare Policy of West Java

For policies implemented to improve west Java’s wellbeing is, of course, the acceptance of the small Bandung.MSMEs are more quickly developed in the Asian market competition Clearly, these improvements will be implemented to alleviate many unemployment, and many creative companies will also intensify the barrel system to fill with ideas.

So it’s not that much work can be absorbed, but the policy also encourages the existence of important philosophers, which is the total population of West Java. There will be no more questions about  The MSME system, with large companies going to catch-up, etc.

To promote the seeds of intelligent thinkers, schools must pay more attention, if the school is not able to be active. At the very least, we provide programs to help gifted students, hoping to make rapid progress through scholarships or training.

This is why the local cost budget is always considered:  by focusing on the density of the population of West Java. It is hoped that the year program will be encouraged, and the Dicemakerm program is  not quite useful today, but a few years later it may actually become more useful.

Prediction of population density growth

It continues to predict an increase in population density, and what is the total population density in West Java in the coming years? Yes  , its growth will increase the stag arsenic, and holidays and websites allow many people to have deeper family intensity.

Thus, within a few years, there will be improvements to millions of new populations, not just from birth and death; population action influences. All of this is a natural and accurate fact, so scientifically predicted progress must be rapid.

Still, the state is still ready to deal with it all, wondering how it is good to have jobs in thepopulation. Other  major cities will also continue to merge as one to form a strong region of Indonesia.

How would you like to know how widespread the population is in West Java, in fact, although it is still relatively healthy, it may increase rapidly in the future. Thank you for KamiAl’s solutions policy:  Is the population density of West Java still safe for its residents?

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