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Lazada Live Chat, an easy solution to contact customer service

Lazada live chat now seems to be a solution to the problem of ordering goods. Contacting lazada customer service can indeed be done in different ways, ranging from sending emails, calls to sending messages via the application.

Certainly, compared to the different ways to contact Lazada, live chat is the best solution. Being one of the largest markets in Indonesia, Lazada understands very well if you need to provide perfect services and support to customers, sellers and buyers.

Usually, buyer customers more often want to get solutions or information about the problems of the orders they have, while sellers often worry aboutthings related to the wrong payment or return of goods sent by buyers, of course, using Lazada live chat, it will be faster.

If you use other methods to contact Lazada customer service, such as sending an email, it takes a long time to respond because the queueis very long, so live chat is the best solution we can use for now when we want to contact Lazada.

How to contact Lazada via live chat

Lazada’s live chat recommendations can be used as an option if you are currently having problems and need a quick response, you can use this service anywhere and anytime, so you don’t have to worry, here’s how to contact Lazada using a live chat service.

  1. Go to the Lazada website. To do the Lazada live chat, you need to open the website first. In addition to opening the website, you can also install the Lazada app. Download the Lazada app via the App Store or Google Play Store, install the app.
  2. Make sure you already have a Lazada account. When you make a purchase, Lazada offers the option to create an account, so don’t forget to log into your account so that the complaint process is much easier later. Whether through the website or the app, you can log in directly to your account.
  3. Scroll down continuously, then look at the bottom left. Later, the live chat will be written. Click on the chat with customer service while writing, fill out all the forms that need to be filled out from the email, and others. You can immediately file a complaint and wait for customer service to respond.

Advantages of contacting via Lazada live chat

Compared to contacting Lazada via email or phone, of course, this live chat option is widely used as an option. There are various advantages that this live chat option has. Here are some of the advantages it has:

  1. There is no need to spend money. Using this live chat service, we do not need to spend a lot of money, we simply spend money on data packets so that problems can be solved quickly and are always connected to Lazada’s live chat service.
  2. Bisa reacted quickly. If we compare the live chat service with other services, it must be admittedthat if the live chat can be answered very quickly, so that we feel more relieved and comfortable, and problems can also be solved quickly correctly.
  3. Like the steps above, doing live chat using the Lazada app is very easy. We just need to scroll down and then click and write what you want to convey. In addition, you can also do live chat by searching for this service in the browser, later it will be connected immediately.
  4. It’s more convenient. This live chat service from Lazada has a real-time response, so as customers wewill get information at the right time, in addition to that, we also do not need to pay all our attention to live chat. For example, we can do live chat while working.
  5. User-friendly. With the experience of holding gadgets continuously every day, of course, we are used to writing messages briefly, so when we go to complain or ask for something in the Lazada live chat, we become easier to use.

Issues that can be solved by live chat

When you contact Lazada customer service, it is actually not always to solve the problem, because in fact, there are various things related to Lazada services that you can ask this customer service. Here are some problems you can pose, such as:

  1. When buying products abroad. Marketplace Lazada allows us not onlyto easily buy local products, but also products from abroad. Sometimes buying this product abroad also encounters problems, such as not arriving or cancelling the order. You can ask customer service directly.
  2. Lazada also has a charging service. Usually, customers who file complaints are caused because the recharge does not come in. If within 1X24 hours the recharge you do does not fit, you can contact the lazada live chat.
  3. The question of the return of products. In the activities of buying and selling, it is not always possible to get a seller who is really perfect in the processing of orders, sometimes we have to find that the order is not suitable or that the goods sent are not suitable, if you can contact lazada customer service directly.
  4. The question of the replacement of goods. As a buyer, if the purchased goods are not suitable and have to wait for the change of goods, you must be impatient. If you want a quick response in the replacement of the goods, you can immediately contact the customer service, sothat a note is given to the terka it to speed up the resolution ofyour problem.

Tips agar problem quickly solved with Lazada Live Chat

Although contacting Lazada’s live chat can be done very easily, but you definitely want the problem to be solved quickly, and even be solved correctly. In fact, in order for the problems related to this reservation to be solved quickly, there are some tips you can do:

  1. Describe the problem in detail. In order for the customer service to be familiar with the problem you have, make sure you have explained the problem in detail, avoid explaining the problem little by little, because later on, they will make complaints longer and longer.
  2. Add an image when submitting a complaint. While it’s a bit awkward, but by adding images that have something to do with your issue, Lazada’s customer service live chat will be easier to understand and verify immediately. Therefore, add an image when you file a complaint.
  3. Make sure that the Internet is in good condition. Before contacting customer service, be sure to come back if you have a good internet network. Thus, you can stay in touch with customer service until the problem can be resolved.
  4. Avoid abbreviating words when complaining so as not to cause misperceptions. Sometimes, because we want to send a message quickly, we make abbreviations, even if it can cause misperceptions. So avoid abbreviating messages.

The live chat feature provided by Lazada is of course very useful, especially it does not cost any money and problems can be solved quickly and very well. Therefore, there is nothing wrong from now on if you have problems with ordering goods, immediately contact the Lazada live chat.

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