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The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had a purpose.

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had quite a lot of targets.   Various parties described the uprising as one of the bloodiest events in West Java Province. At that time, there were large-scale murders that resulted in a lot of casualties.

There had been several attacks before. This included the attacks at Sulawesi.  Until 1950, massacres  took place in  West Java Province.   The attack was led directly  by Captain Wes terling. Together with APRA (Angkatan Just Queen War),  he committed various brutal acts with 800 others.

APRA’s Uprising in West  Java

The bloody  attack  with the victims of APRIS members  was led by Piere Westerling.   The attack took place in 1950. This  was exactly what was done on the 23rd of January.   Reports say that Westerling had 500,000 soldiers who formed a secret organization.

It  was handed over  directly from the Netherlands by JM Verburgh, the Chief of Police. There  were reports that the name of the secret organization was Ratu Adil Persatuan Indonesia. By the way, the organization has armed units. This is called APRA.

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had specific objectives. When it was founded, Westerling contacted the Commander-in-Chief of the Dutch Army, Buurman Van Vreeen. The meeting was held by Westerling to discuss plans for an uprising in President Sukarno’s government.

Finally, in 1950, on January 5,  Piere Westerling sent his ultimatum to the RIS. In essence, he asked RIS to respect states like the Pasundan State. He also asked RIS to recognize that APRA is an armed force and that Pasundan is serving militarily.

However, the ultimatum was apparently not answered. In the end,  he decided to stage a coup. Westerling  and  his followers shot and killed the armed forces they found. Sergeant Meijer and some of his troops  were thrown into the  city of Jakarta to make arrests against Soekarno.

The APRA Uprising in West Java had the goal of MS d i Below in 1950.

This massive rebellion  in the province of West Java  was carried out after Indonesia became independent.   The resistance continued to be waged in various places until one day Indonesia gained its independence with its own hands.

However, apparently after independence was declared, various disagreements or problems  arose.   In fact, the APRA Uprising in West Java in 1950 had  quite a lot of  targets.

  1. Maintaining RIS

Various negotiations were conducted by  the Dutch colonialists and the Republic of Indonesia, and  it was always the   Indonesian side that was often damaged.   For example, when negotiations were held, such as Linggarjati and Renville, but it turned out that the Dutch side refused to do so.

Various parties are guiding the Republic of Indonesia. However, there are also those who want RIS to stay. They are APRA supporters. The supporters of the Unitary State were eventually maimed by the APRA side.

  1. Netherlands wants to be safe in Indonesia

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950  also aimed to keep the Dutch safely afloat in Indonesia.  The presence of these colonists in Indonesia apparently  gave  them a great profit. They get paid from the colonies to live.

Of course, benefits from various areas were obtained by the Dutch side. The APRA rebellion was also carried out as a way out to maintain its position in Indonesia.

  1. Rust States Can Be Defended

Negara Federal Pass is actually part of RIS.  The location is in West Java Province. The Dutch managed to support him with people who did not side with the Republic of Indonesia. This was done with just one promise to the Indonesian people.

  1. Establishment of a Federal State

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had the aim of establishing a Federal State in the country. This is the main purpose of the establishment of APRA. This is done by killing various important parties to initiate the action.

  1. Defending Your Own Army

In trouble, he wants to have his own army in his state.  The right to freedom to rule the territory. Those who participated in APRA were soldiers who were denied admission to APRIS due to lack of requirements. Thus, APRA will be used as the main army in Pasundan Province.

 APRA’s Sadist Rebellion

The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950 had a very sadistic purpose. This rebellion left very deep wounds. Bandung is like a dead city in the early 1950s.  Exactly in the  early morning hours  of  January  23,  1950  , the troops moved to various points in the city of Bandung.

The soldier  was the leader of APRA Queen Raymond Westerling. The movement  continued to be led by APRA forces. They walked, rode in the countryside, jeeps and much more. These soldiers will rebel against civilians, confiscate property and commit various forms of torture.

Bandung residents were horrified. All stores are closed. All residents tried to free themselves from the rebel forces. Soldiers continued to disarm anyone encountered on the way from Cimini to Cibereum. All the APRIS members they found were killed.

Personnel who were ready to go to their bases could not escape their persecution either.  Westerling did not get a chance to  shoot  the  APRIS, whose men I had met. Not only were they shot and shot, but even the APRIS soldiers were chopped up like animals.

The violent acts killed at least 61 TNI soldiers. The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950,  to benefit the Dutch side  , also  left 18civilians innocent. In fact, none of the APRA members were victims. This event made Bandung like a dead city.

APRA’s Recognition of the   Heartbreaking Judiciary

The incident, which was very disturbing in Bandung, was also acknowledged by APRA. The group confessed to civilian figures in Bandung that military figures had been deported in various ways.

In fact, Westerling is indeed  targeting several key figures in the West Java Province. These figures include Colonel Sadikin, Lieutenant Soetoko  as Deputy Chief of Staff of the Siliw a ngi Division, and Major Mohamad Rivai as Head of Military Information, the Fourth Military Governor of West Java.

The other four are Lieutenant Colonel Sentot Iskandardinata, Siliwangi Division Chief of Staff Lentan Colonel Dr. Errie Sudewo,  Pasundan State Assembly member but pro-RI Sudjono and CPM Major Roehan Roesli.  The assassination plan was carried out by giving poison to 7 people.

But their attempt to kill by mixing poison into their drinks apparentlyfailed. This was because one of the members knew about the plan by the very malicious APRA. Finally, they planned to take a live shot. However, at the same time it did not work, becauseeach target managed to escape.

APRA’s actual actions could be a dark date for the Indonesian nation. In the period after independence, various forms of rebellion occurred that faltered Indonesia. The APRA uprising in West Java in 1950  was aimed at weakening the Republic of Indonesia and destroying its government.

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