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Review of the functions of the West Java BKD and its responsibilities


You are certainly familiar with the term BKD from the province of West Java.   Especially if you have been involved in the recruitment of public servants in their respective regions. BKD or Regional Personnel Agency is a very important government institution with various main tasks and functions.

BKD is particularly well known to people if there is a recruitment of civil servants. Indeed the main task of the BKD is to assist the governor or regent in the management of civil servants. Thus, not only when searching for or recruiting public servants, but also when regulating and supervising government employees.

If you are interested in becoming one of the government employees, then you need to know BKD and what it contains. In this way, he will better understand what the responsibilities of that government agency or institution are.

Each city and district will have a BKD office that will take care of all administrative affairs of city government employees. The scope of the work as well as the tasks of this institution are very broad and have a great responsibility. All of these duties and responsibilities are set out in the Act.

Within the BKD institution, there are various sub-areas that will operate according to their responsibilities. Whether it’s providing facilities, monitoring or preparing reports. For more detailed information, here is an explanation of BKD and its main functions and tasks.

Get to know the regional staff institution BKD

BKD is a government agency or institution that regulates the implementation of tasks and the training of civil servants in a region. For example, the West Java BKD will be responsible for the management, regulation, monitoring and provision of facilities for officials in the West Java region.

The BKD of a district or city will only be responsible for the care of officials of the city concerned and is not responsible for other cities. Its authority is therefore limited to the regional level only. However, there are also those who have the national authority, that is, the national personnel agency.

This institution will perform functions as an administrative part of the management of officials, both by providing work or tasks, by implementing training and periods of service. When a government employee wants to deal with various files, such as transfers or glass/education updates, they will deal with that institution.

The head of the West Java Provincial BKD is directly responsible to the regional directorate for performing functions in accordance with the rules of the law. In order to achieve its vision and mission, this government institution will compile an annual work program to improve organizational performance.

The function of BKD will be described in a work program that is updated annually to create effective and efficient performance. In addition, in BKD, regeneration is carried out to prepare reliable human resources for the future and be able to show the best performance.

Discover the vision and mission of BKD West Java

The main vision is “The realization of a GOOD and prosperous device”. In its development GOOD; Quality, responsible, innovative and creative. This vision should form a professional and reliable organization so that it can help the performance of regional leaders. The elaboration of the meaning of the vision is:

  1. Quality, that is, having quality in the work in accordance with the provisions and expectations of all Indonesians.
  2. Responsible, i.e. having a responsible attitude in each activity or work programme implemented.
  3. Innovative, that is, able to display or introduce new things in order to increase the efficiency of work.
  4. Creative, that is, being able to bring out creativity by creating something or increasing the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Prosperity, which consists of achieving a sense of comfort and security for civil servants both in material, financial and spiritual terms.

BKD of The Province of West Java not only has a vision, but also carries out the mission carried out from time to time. This mission will change with the needs of the government and must be carried out by all officials of this institution. Here are the missions carried out:

  1. Realization of a modern staffing system according to technological developments.
  2. Help improve the livelihoods and well-being of employees based on each individual’s work performance.
  3. Improve the professionalism of an employee’s work with advice and training.

Get to know the homework of West Java BKD

As an institution directly accountable to regional leaders, BKD’s main task is to ensure the managementof regional officials. Therefore, all matters relating to the administration of employees should be carried out in this institution. The other functions and functions of this staff institution are as follows:

  1. Prepare regional regulatory plans in the area of regional staff paying attention to laws and regulations in order to be able to establish regulations in accordance with national standards.
  2. Planning and implementation of a regional staffing system.
  3. Carry out administrative implementation in terms ofgkatan, dismissal and transfer of civil servants.
  4. Draft a draft and decide on technical policies for the development of regional officials.
  5. Provide administrative services to the civil apparatus of the State, such as the appointment, dismissal, transfer and change of structural or functional posts carried out in accordance with the rules of personnel law.
  6. Prepare and establish the retirement policy of the civil apparatus of the State in accordance with applicable laws, norms and standard procedures.
  7. Determine salaries and benefits for the well-being of the civil apparatus of the State by reference to personnel laws and regulations.
  8. Ensure the administration of the civil apparatus of the State and manage the regional personnel information system.

Based on its functions and duties, the West Java Provincial BKD fully owns the policies and regulations of all matters relating to officials who are located or serving in the West Java region. In addition, it is also responsible for the appointment, promotion and management of employee pensions.

BKD improves the professionalism of the state civil apparatus

The preparation of work programmes is carefully regulated in order to help improve the performance of the State apparatus. The work programme shall be adapted to the work objective of the regional staff institution so that it can support the achievement of the vision and mission of the institution. In this case, it is adapted to the rules of the legislation of the central level.

BKD West Java focuses on improving the professionalism of work in order to form a reliable and responsible state apparatus.   Thus, it can prepare a reliable device for the future capable of fulfilling tasks and responsibilities. Here are some of the work programmes carried out:

  1. Implementation of CPNS recruitment. This program is implemented annually or at least once every 2 years to fill vacancies because there are employees who are retiring, dying or needing additional staff.
  2. The award process takes the form of an honorary increase at CPNS for the best performing recipients in exchange for honorary service.
  3. Recruitment of IPDN Praja admissions through tests that are followed by regional sons and daughters and various other regions of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as the manufacture of a civil service card, the management of a TASPEN card or the registration of dependants for married civil servants.
  5. Organize and organize exams for officials eligible for promotion.
  6. Organize training to improvethe cost ofcivil servants.
  7. Implementation of the technical training and orientation of the state apparatus, either by organizing training in the regions or by organizing employees who participate in the training at the central BKD.

As an institution that helps regional chiefs regulate civil servants, BKD has a great responsibility. Not only by stating the main tasks according to their functions, the West Java Provincial BKD must also implement the vision and mission as a staffing institution.