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Latest 24-hour Axis Call Center Number 2020

Loyal to Axis customersLatest 24 少 A xis  Call Center  Number 2020  。 This is fixed  client不惑,If one day   There are questionsCall the center to complain, he can imspeakDepartment also

If registered, the network is extinct, and the donor encounters it. Jun also called out to his heart, knowing what Axis Lux offered. It’s not just for acceptance

Huxintong has Axis premiere smartphone direct dial number  838  or Jitong social media later, the service will be Report a complaint, or ask what is available

Axis  external number customers, 08388000838 is to be troubleless, especially without Axis The number of people, to Jun can distinguish the prime number system also call the center, for Axis network v

Registration is required, please be the latest 24-hour call center number 2020

Prepaid customers special note, latent users and see users must become Axis prepaid production (the number of which has not been verified . Therefore, the origin of the same person is very heavy, and the Dukapil service bureau is written

In this way, card registration can be easy or unique to the user In  addition, the registration of personal data has a purpose and benefit, which is very useful for SeluleR users  In the case of communities, especially for user protection

This self-responsibility act also. So for  the post-registrant cellular users with the service of the telecommunications company is more suitable also one of the good, online non-cash easy also

Registration or registration due to smartphone SMS  or SMS menu into, DAFTAR # (KTP Number) # (KK  Number).  Then send the number 4444  sample LIST#11112******#12322***** direct to the number 4444  of its long-stay  user , re-registered as “RE”

If so, please call the latest 2020 24-hour Axis Call Center number  838  Axis @ask_AXIS account  direct social media account, or by email   cs@axisnet.id。 It is to register and do nothing sleepy

You can also point out on the official website near the city and location  that  technicians or on-duty personnel  will be happy to help. A must, KTP KK also

If you do not have an ID card, you can use the number provided by KK, so the KK number must be saved  . With no KK, no note Also make sure that the data filled in  is correct and error-free

It is the latest 24 small axis call center number 2020

In case of accidents, the latest 24-hour Axis call center number 838 can be obtained by new and old users. Axis  is a trusted provider for its users

Others who have a network must  also call for help  without sleepiness, and the latest 24 hours axis call center number 2020 Axis customer service will be available for your help

Whoever has the latest goods and  serves shall also receive it. And the user is heavier. Our customer service will be  happy  to  help users to help hindrance

I also respect the customer, because pressing the number dial button will quickly If you  use the first Axis product, you can quickly overcome obstacles, and the sun and the moon will turn efficiently, and no  Hindered

 That is, the card is  4G

If you have not upgraded your  4G service provider users, please do your best. If  you want to  get the most out of it, please make sure you have upgraded to 4G and call the latest 24 hours Axis call center  Number 2020

Don’t worry, no change number can be upgraded to the simple path  Dial Call Menu Go  to *123 *  46# and select the number of the 4G card  . Dialed *123*46# again

If you   restart your smartphone, you will enjoy the best 4G network service The  provincial number has been upgraded, and you can directly dial *123*46# and choose the  service  For information, please visit the axis.co.id/4g address.

Jun Yijing is the latest 24-hour Axis call center number in 2020, which can be  obtained from now on   Upgrade the number to 4G and it is all about it.

 A brief history of the Axis powers

Axis was originally promoted as Lippo Telecom & NTS  and is now praised by Xl Axiata.  In 2008, its first independents also took the lead in the first instance  .  Huxin serves all over Indonesia, covering Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, etc

To date, Axis has 15 million users and 800 employees, ready to support  XL Axiata in  2014 Years of the city in the company, by is  Cellular company service does not change

For the latest 24-hour axis call center number  2020, continue the convenience of Yousi users, customer number their home cellular company service  Ngenet Irit  , Ngobrol IritAwet Irit  and other loyal customers

The large service provided will be adjusted according to its needs. Therefore, buying and serving benefits and benefits. This  XL Axis will be the choice of cellular users, and  XL  and  Axis will complement the  choice provided

With the fourth largest operator in Indonesia’s network coverage  rate, it has supplied 400 yp in Indonesia, with no  concern for Axis network coverage. If in doubt, please contact the latest 24-hour Axis Call Center number 2020 838



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